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So long and thanks for all the fish!

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It's been a good run, thanks for all the good times!

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So I head upstairs. They are the only two up there so I know they've been at me saying who knows what. Like I wrote I know Mizuki is on my side and I am also starting to think at this time this date thing is becoming more about me and her than me and Kiwako... I sit down and told them I ordered some stuff. I am not pissed about them coming early, but the situation was and is a little awkward. I want to find out what's the deal with Kiwako and why she is constantly trying to push me around and I am having to teach her a lesson each time...

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Kiwako's mix up plan is to come early and head to where she know

So, it`s been a couple of months since my last update. I have been really busy enjoying myself this Summer and I gots tons of stories to tell, but I want to finish this thing with Kiwako. The blog post before this is a post I made back in the beginning of July in the forum that I put up here. I realize how useful this blog thing is in terms of remembering specific situations I've been in and how I've dealt with them.

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"Kiwako" came riding in on her high horse with her first knight

"Kiwako" came riding in on her high horse with her first knight about 10 minutes late... She told me she was going to bring a friend in the morning before our planned get-together. That was fine with me. I knew that she had a class that day and that was probably the reason she was a bit late, so I just sent her a mail to just meet me at the restaurant. They both were smoking hot. Seriously hot college students.

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and the H flying around both of us,

This is just a quick add on..., something I am gonna put into this blog so I don`t forget. Last night I kinda fell into a date with a friend I`ve had for the past couple years. She used to be a flight attendant but now she works for the city I live in. Her husband works overseas.


The original plan was that three of us go out and get something to eat and drink, but the other girl couldn`t make it so instead of going out with two attractive girls it ended up being only one.

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She already knew I was top game, but I let her on to it just so

I am getting more and more into what I`ve been into lately. For the first time in my life I am finding myself spending up to my limit each month and I wonder why I haven`t thought of this before... When I start to dip into my savings I know I`ve gone too far, but right now I am on even and loving it. The past couple months have been the least stressful in the last 7 or 8 years. I cut my hours at work back to 20 hours a week and at the same time have replaced at least some of the pay cut with my own things that I really enjoy. This has made all the difference.

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Trust, truth, and the art of the smile...

So she`s lying to me...

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Focus, the art of the smile..., rythm in quiet

Focus, the art of the smile, rythm in quiet

I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, I know that.


But, what I do much better than most people is surround myself with people who do know something about something. I also have great focus. In America communication is easy... for obvious reasons. I have no problem expressing myself as crass and obnoxious as it may be.


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I didn`t ask her for her mail, partly cause I thought she would

I didn`t ask her for her mail, partly cause I thought she would ask for mine, but also because I was a little distracted.


I have the bartenders mail anyway. After (we`ll call her Mariko) took off the bartender asked me how everything went with her friend, told me how she is a nice girl, they are best friends, ect. The night wasn`t over yet so I was hoping to get another thing going, but to tell the truth, I find myself running out of social steam come 2AM.

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4 girls put me onto straightening up my game a bit,

The convo with the 4 girls put me onto straightening up my game a bit, so I decided to read some of the PUA books a certain champion former YD gave me and that shit lit me up. Just the rock-back like you are gonna leave alone has paid off big. This afternoon alone at the gym I got a talking to as soon as I sat down to stretch from a girl I spoke to one time about how we should go out after the gym. I told her I had plans and she asked me if I was free after that. 10 minutes later another girl same thing. ON FUCKING FIRE.

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Second trip

Second Trip.

It`s back to 一市 . I had been talking a bit to the gaijin girl I met the month before and she told me there was a 送別会 for a couple of Aeon teachers in the city. I got the feeling from her she didn`t want to go to the party and/or she didn`t want me to go to the party, but she was definitely down to hangout. I pumped her for as much info about what was going on that night as I could cause I didn`t want to get into a situation where I went all the way back out there without a better plan than last time.

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