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So long and thanks for all the fish!

After Hours Japan will be closing on December 31st, 2014 (JST). The site will not be accessible after this date, so please take care of any business by then.

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It's been a good run, thanks for all the good times!

Mexico's president announced a nationwide anti-crime plan Thursday that would allow Congress to dissolve local governments infiltrated by drug gangs and give state authorities control over often-corrupt municipal police.

The plan announced by President Enrique Pena Nieto came two months after 43 teachers college students disappeared in the Guerrero city…

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Ministers from 58 European and African states on Thursday pledged to adopt a new coordinated approach to migration that goes beyond the single issue of policing borders.

The fourth round of talks between European countries and their Mediterranean neighbors under the so-called Rabat process, resulted in a "significant forward step…

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Taliban militants attacked a foreign guesthouse in central Kabul on Thursday, hours after a suicide bomber targeted a British embassy vehicle in a blast that killed six people, triggering fears of spiralling unrest.

Attacks across the Afghan capital have increased in recent weeks as U.S.-led NATO forces wrap up their…

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The Fujisawa SST Council, a consortium led by Panasonic Corp spearheading the development of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST), on Thursday held an opening ceremony for the forward-looking town located on the outskirts of Tokyo.

With its core facility supporting sustainable development of the town and its community…

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A Swiss museum published a list on Thursday of all the art found in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt, a German recluse whose secret collection included masterpieces looted from their Jewish owners by the Nazis.

The Bern Art Museum was named as sole heir to the collection and on Monday…

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Tensions eased in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson on Thursday after two nights of violence and looting sparked by racially charged anger over a grand jury's decision not to charge a white police officer for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager.

Protests also dwindled elsewhere in the United States…

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Masashi Yasukawa, head of the National Web Counseling Council, a Tokyo-based group that offers advice on dealing with Internet-related problems, expressing concerns over a Chiba school's plan to open an online high school next spring that will enable reclusive “hikikomori” to get an education and experience student life in cyberspace.…

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Iraqi forces held off a jihadist assault on the government headquarters in the capital of Anbar province, deploying reinforcements in the key battleground against the Islamic State group, officers said Thursday.

Security forces, backed by tribesmen, managed to defend the complex in Ramadi, which lies 100 kilometers west of the…

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Japan is considering creating a government-backed financing arm for weapons exports, a move that would accelerate Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's shift away from the country's pacifist past and strengthen Tokyo's regional security ties as China's military power grows.

As a first step, the government plans to convene an advisory panel…

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The Otsu District Court in Shiga Prefecture on Thursday ruled against local residents who had filed a suit to block Kansai Electric Power Co from restarting two nuclear reactors at its Takahama plant in neighboring Fukui Prefecture.

The plaintiffs had argued that the reactors sit above active geological faults and…

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