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Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign accused Donald Trump on Sunday of caring more about how Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union would benefit his financial bottom line than how it would impact the U.S. economy.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook acknowledged parallels between the populist anger and anti-establishment fervor…

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No food and little water have reached 64,000 Syrian refugees stuck in the desert since Jordan sealed its border last week in response to a suicide attack, aid officials said Sunday.

The World Food Programme understands Jordan's security concerns, but hopes the border will reopen soon, said Abeer Etefa, a…

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Authorities say at least seven people were hospitalized with stab wounds after a clash between members of right-wing groups and "anti-fascists" outside the California state Capitol building in Sacramento on Sunday.

California Highway Patrol Officer George Granada says about 30 members of the Traditionalist Worker Party gathered at the capitol…

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Britain will continue to have access to the European Union's single market despite voting to leave the bloc, leading Brexit campaigner and favourite to become the country's next prime minister Boris Johnson said in a newspaper article on Sunday.

Johnson said Britain could now forge a relationship with the EU…

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Germany produced its best performance yet at the European Championship to book a place in the quarterfinals with a comprehensive 3-0 defeat of Slovakia on Sunday.

The world champion showed its defensive resilience as well as attacking ambition in a display that augurs well for the tougher challenges ahead.


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Britain's shocking decision to remove itself from the European Union brought more political turmoil Sunday as Scotland's leader threatened to block the move and the Labour Party's leader veered dangerously close to losing his post.

The sense of unease spread as European leaders stepped up the pressure on Britain to…

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Why adopt diversity? Why should large corporations go out of their way to create a workforce of people from all sorts of backgrounds?

For global pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline K.K. (GSK), the answer is simple: diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies make perfect business sense.

“I believe that, in a uniform world,…

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If it has to make a choice, will your autonomous car kill you or pedestrians on the street?

The looming arrival of self-driving vehicles is likely to vastly reduce traffic fatalities, but also poses difficult moral dilemmas, researchers say in a study.

Autonomous driving systems will require programmers to develop…

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Having finally rid himself of his French Open curse, Novak Djokovic is chasing a third successive Wimbledon title to move one step closer to the first calendar Grand Slam in 47 years.

The 29-year-old world number one, champion at Wimbledon in 2011, 2014 and 2015, has become the unstoppable Slam…

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From terrorism to immigration and healthcare, President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump don't agree on much. Obama hammers Trump on immigration policy, describing his ideas as "dangerous" and "loose talk and sloppiness." Trump meanwhile calls Obama a "lousy president" who has done a "terrible job."


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