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So long and thanks for all the fish!

After Hours Japan will be closing on December 31st, 2014 (JST). The site will not be accessible after this date, so please take care of any business by then.

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It's been a good run, thanks for all the good times!

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hit out Thursday at reported insults by an American official leveled against the Israeli prime minister, saying it was "disgraceful, unacceptable and damaging."

The top U.S. diplomat also pledged the United States would continue to work "quietly and effectively" to try to relaunch the…

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Fourteen people were killed in a machete attack by Ugandan rebels in the Beni region in the restive eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where nearly 100 civilians have already perished, a non-governmental group said Thursday.

The incursion by the Ugandan rebel group ADF took place overnight in the town of…

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U.S. embassies in the Gulf and Egypt are calling for vigilance after a post on a jihadist website encouraged attacks on American and other international schools there, specifically teachers.

The warnings have been issued by missions in Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

While each of…

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A vanguard force of Iraqi peshmerga troops entered the embattled Syrian border town of Kobani from Turkey on Thursday, part of a larger group of 150 fighters that the Kurds hope will turn back an offensive by militants of the Islamic State group.

The deployment, accompanied by 50 members of…

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Drink lots of milk to strengthen your bones and boost your health, doctors say.

But a study in The BMJ medical journal said Swedes with a high intake of cow's milk died younger -- and women suffered more fractures.

The findings may warrant questions about recommendations for milk consumption, although…

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A nurse defied Maine's voluntary quarantine for health care workers who have treated Ebola patients, leaving her home Thursday for a bike ride. The governor of Main said negotiations with the nurse have broken down and he is ready to exercise the "full extent" of this authority to protect the…

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The reduced purchasing power of the Japanese yen -- part of the anti-deflationary strategy espoused by Abenomics -- is to be blamed for higher prices on a number of imported consumer items. But what about domestically raised pork? In August, reports Weekly Playboy (Nov 10), Kiyoken, the marketer of Yokohama's…

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Fujifilm is going to release a new Cheki camera called instax WIDE 300 on November 21 from their instant camera "instax" series.

The Cheki instax WIDE 300 prints photos that are twice the size of normal Cheki photos.

It has a grip to help hold the camera easily with your…

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Autumn is a great season to visit Kyoto, to enjoy its many historical monuments, framed by the changing leaves. Let's take a walk on the eastern side of the city where tourists and residents alike enjoy the scenic serenity of a tree-lined canal that skirts the foot of Mt Daimonji.…

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